Why List with Us?

D3 Realty offers a vast combination of extensive local vacation home ownership experience with a suite of tools to ensure your home stays full, while providing you complete visibility of the process.

Sharing Our Expertise

At D3 Realty, we want to share the knowledge we have gained over our years of investment, real estate sales, and vacation rental experience. We take pride in providing our owners with a great, value-added experience with their vacation home — and that guests have that same experience while staying in your home. We believe the best way to help create this experience is to present the right plan upfront — to make your home a great one. We then seamlessly handle all the details including permits, housekeeping, and maintenance, while gaining exposure for your home, guest reservations, tracking, and customer service. Local ownership and longevity in the real estate industry mean you have access to information about the area that will be valuable to the management of your home.

Creating a Quality Guest Experience

Guests staying in a vacation home are looking for an experience of feeling a vacation vibe unwind while having all the comforts of their own home. As part of our upfront planning, we will make recommendations on the aesthetics of your home, how it functions, what areas you should highlight, and what amenities people desire while on vacation. This will not only help create a stellar guest experience, but also one of your own, when you are ready to personally visit the home.

Taking Care of Your Home

Housekeeping is a critical component for a rental home. We work hard to provide a home that feels comfortable to your guests, and to ensure our housekeeping is consistent in keeping it that way. We require each housekeeper to follow a strict checklist to properly sanitize and organized your home.

We abide by strict standards and our housekeeping team is monitored by an inspection process to ensure it consistently performs at a satisfactory level. We constantly monitor our housekeeping staff to make sure each team member shares our passion for presenting a clean home to our guests.

D3 Realty has a reliable network of local maintenance providers to keep your home operating properly. We have contractors who handle simple repairs, electricity, appliances, heating and air, plumbing, and other maintenance needs. Our network of contractors charge reasonable rates consistent with the area and work to be performed.

Personal Attention Always

The key to success is communicating and being responsive. We remain readily available to you and your guests to make sure that any questions, concerns, or issues are quickly addressed. This formula has served us well in our previous experiences, and it is a cornerstone of our business model. We do all of this while keeping you in the know with both reporting and calendar access, and making sure you personally enjoy your vacation home.

Branding and Exposure for Your Home

At D3 Realty, we believe in providing quality properties that draw quality rates. We thrive to provide an experience where guests are comfortable paying due to the value they are receiving. We also want to make sure we are maximizing your potential return on investment. We will not only make suggestions about ways to improve your home, but we will demonstrate how that correlates to improved occupancy and higher rates.

We also want to make your home as visible to potential renters as possible. This is accomplished by offering a user-friendly, high-quality website, working with various vacation rental partner sites like VRBO and Airbnb, and leveraging multiple social media outlets at targeted times.

D3 Realty also keeps up with local events and relevant articles of interest to potential renters and makes those available through blog posts on both our website and social media.

Simplified Fee Structure

We provide a variety of services and value to our owners, and do so using a simple fee structure. We never want you to worry about being nickel and dimed for every service we provide, so we created a simple and competitive fee structure to take the hassle and confusion out of the property management process.

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